With our aging population more and more people are turning to investment properties as that final piece in the puzzle to help generate additional income in retirement. From purchasing properties in Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF) to Family Trusts and Companies as well as their own names.

With the increase of mid to high density developments there are so many to choose from. At Jodie Jacobson Estate Agents we only engage with Tier 1 developers and sell properties in locations which will not only be a great Return On Investment (ROI) but in time should show strong Capital Growth. This comes from a quality product in a sought after area with some sort of X Factor. This may be views, unique location and/or lifestyle benefits so that it is desirable not only to potential tenants but also potential purchasers should you wish to sell in the future.

‘With a higher life expectancy and therefore a longer retirement period, and, an aging population putting a greater strain on Government Pensions, there are a growing number of people realising that they will need to retire with more than they initially expected.   With this realisation they are making the decision to build their portfolio, including property, whilst they are at their greatest earning capacity.’

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