In order to create a home that buyers can see themselves living in it is important to create a home that they can see their furniture in and imagine themselves living in it. To achieve this, your home needs to be devoid of your personal affects.   By removing excess furniture and general clutter the rooms appear larger.

‘Excess clutter and overflowing, crowded cupboards gives the impression of a lack of storage. We all accumulate a lot of additional things over a period of time and the longer you have lived in your home the more that has to be removed.’

We suggest that you set up 4 areas as follows:

  • Items to remain in the home;
  • Items to be put in storage for when you move;
  • Items to be given to family, friends or Charities;
  • Items to be thrown away.

If you are targeting a family to purchase your home you need to still show how a family can live. Reduce toys to a minimum of their favourite things and have them displayed/stored neatly.

Toys stored neatly in a basket allow children to still play during the sale process but allows for a quick tidy up prior to Open for Inspections.

Your children will think it is Christmas all over again when they obtain the additional toys from storage after you move into your new home.

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