Moving On Emotionally

One of the most difficult parts of selling your home is moving on emotionally. We have identified who are the most likely purchasers of your home and it is important that we present the home in a manner that appeals to them.

By detaching yourself emotionally you are able to view your home the way potential purchasers will and therefore maximise the positives attributes. After all no-one knows the house and the area better than you do. We work with you to incorporate these positive attributes in identifying your target audience and the marketing campaign.

If you are finding it difficult to emotionally detach these tips may help you:

Take your time.

If you don’t have to move quickly then don’t. We at Jodie Jacobson Estate Agents will not push you into listing before you are ready. If other agents are pushing you that is their agenda not yours. We want you to enjoy the experience and achieve the best outcome and this can only occur when you and your home are ready.

Get Help from Family and Friends.

Depending on your circumstances you may not be physically or emotionally capable of sorting through your possessions.   Ask trusted family and friends to help.

Get Outside Help.

As previously advised we can arrange an experienced home stager who is objective and will help mix existing furniture and possessions with rental pieces to appeal to your target market.

Accept that moving on does not negate the past.

Take pictures of your house, rooms and treasured possessions. Write down your memories and put everything in a memories box to take to your next home.

Ask Yourself.

“What will the house sale give me or enable me to do?”   Hold onto these positive thoughts and feelings.

Think and Talk in Chapters.

This property was one chapter. There have been many and there will be many more. Look forward to the next chapter of your life.

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