Negotiation Skills

The level of your agents Negotiation Skills can significantly alter the eventual sale price of your property. By understanding why potential purchasers want your property and their emotional connection to your property a great agent will highlight these features and extract the highest offer possible.

At Jodie Jacobson Estate Agents we pride ourselves on extensive and unique buyer management. Our relaxed and advice focused philosophy ensures we understand what the buyers are looking for and why they want it. As a result when your property fits their criteria we remind them of why your property suits their lifestyle and their want becomes a need.

It is imperative that the agent you choose is committed to giving you, your property and potential purchasers their undivided attention and not be spread too thin by trying to handle too many properties at the same time.

At Jodie Jacobson Estate Agents we value every property and take pride ensuring your property is personally managed and you are informed at every stage of the process, with daily phone calls, weekly strategy meetings and comprehensive summaries of buyer feedback.

It is our intention that every night when you go to bed you are relaxed and confident because you know exactly what is happening with your sale and the strategies we have in place to maximise your sale price.

‘When a purchaser needs your property they are prepared to pay that little extra because they have to have it. By establishing this need in multiple buyers we are creating a sense of urgency and competition resulting in a premium sale price for you.’

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