Perceived Value

An independent Survey conducted in May 2010 showed the perceived value of a property with a half page ad compared to a quarter page ad is 24% more and the perceived value of a full page ad compared to a quarter page ad is 46% more.

This means with full page advertising potential purchasers are expecting to pay nearly 50% more for your property and are already prepared to pay a premium price.

‘Potential purchaser’s perceived value of your property will be determined by the size and quality of your advertising, the larger the advertisement the more expensive the perceived value of your property.’

Print Media is very powerful at uncovering passive buyers. Instead of the buyer finding the property the newspaper goes out and finds the buyer.

When searching on the Internet only 3 out of every 10 people go past Page 1 of results. A combination of Print Media and Internet ensures you don’t miss any potential buyers of your property.

‘A balanced campaign tells any potential purchasers that you are serious about selling your home and adds to their perception that yours is a premium property that must be inspected.’

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