You can get everything right with marketing and presentation and if your home is priced out of the market it will all be in vain.

‘It is imperative that your home is not just on the market it is in the market. The only way for this to be achieved is to realistically assess the market for your direct competitors.’

To achieve the best price you need to be the best home in your price bracket. This will attract more buyers and in turn make your home the one they have to have. By creating instant appeal, competition will be generated and the best possible result is achieved. Comprehensive research shows your homes best chance at attracting buyers is in the first two weeks. Many potential purchasers will not look past Page 1 of their search criteria and active buyers are constantly scouring papers and receiving alerts for new properties on the market.

‘If your property is overpriced it will be overlooked by prospective purchasers and if a price reduction occurs they assume you are desperate for a sale and their mindset shifts to trying to pick up a bargain.’

Conversely if your home is priced correctly all marketing is maximised and you create a real sense of urgency. Potential purchasers will not only aspire to live in your home they will realise that unless they make a great offer quickly they may miss out.

Remember it is not the price your home starts at it is what someone is prepared to pay for it and perception is everything. Ensure your home is realistically priced for the market and maximise your return.

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