At Jodie Jacobson Estate Agents Our Mission is Simple. Lead the World’s Best Practice in the Real Estate Industry by providing a culture with the highest level of Integrity, Ethics and Customer Service.

As a premium Boutique Agency we have Real Estate opportunities and clients wanting to buy or sell Properties from Single Apartments to Blocks of Apartments, the Family Home to 40 Storey Development sites, Starting or expanding a Property Portfolio to Managing Developments.

Most Agencies forget the Real Estate Industry is a Service Industry and the Customer Experience is the highest priority. Our intention is to provide professional and accurate advice to ensure you achieve your goals whilst providing you with unparalleled and an unexpected level of customer service.

We will find the property which suits your needs, expose your property to a wider audience, and, provide state of the art systems and procedures for exceptional Property Management Services.

Our Goals

Whether you are buy or selling your first property or your tenth, starting or expanding a property portfolio, downsizing or upgrading, renovating or developing it is a very emotional and stressful time. In order to achieve your personal goals you need to be able to make informed decisions. You need to understand the pro’s and con’s for all scenarios. Therefore, transparent, honest and reliable feedback or advice is essential.

Our intention is to be the calm and unemotional guide who gives you the strategies and information you need to make the right decision for your unique set of circumstances. Our goal is to make your real estate experience as smooth and stress free as possible.  In fact our goal is that you will actually enjoy it.

Our Promise…

  • to provide you with the information and confidence to make informed decisions for your unique circumstances.
  • to always behave in a professional, honest, ethical and transparent manner.
  • Our “non-negotiable” behaviours will ensure a culture that is consistent with our mission and we encourage feedback from our clients to ensure we remain on target.
  • to treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve and be motivated by achieving your goals.
  • We will not mislead you or pressure you into making a decision that is against your wishes.

Non-Negotiable Behaviours

Our set of non-negotiable behaviours is consistent with the agency mission, goals and promises including:

  • Always believe in everything we say and do;
  • Always give a truthful account;
  • Always do the right thing;
  • Always be clear, open and approachable;
  • Always learn to understand the Customer viewpoint;
  • Always provide help and guidance that benefit’s the Customer;
  • Always behave in a Professional manner;
  • Always behave in a fair and honourable manner;
  • Always give regular Feedback even if it is just to see if they have any questions or concerns.