Buying property can be an extremely emotional experience. You will go from excitement to disappointment, fear to immense joy all in a matter of seconds. And in most cases all of these emotions simultaneously.

To try and reduce the gap between these emotions and not allow these to affect the quality of your purchase can be difficult especially if you are purchasing for the first time.

‘It is important to understand that these extreme emotional responses are normal and that there are strategies to help keep them to a more manageable level.’

In most cases it is the fear of the unknown that lets our imagination run wild. We are born with the fight or flight mechanism which allowed our ancestors to survive in a dangerous environment. We are fortunate to live in an environment which is safe from predators of the wild, unless of course we go on safari but this is not the everyday environment of modern society.

If we are in physical danger you experience a sudden rush of adrenalin like what kicks in to avoid being hit by a car, or the painful sensation we feel when we just avoid stepping into harm’s way.

‘Fear is our imagination on steroids.’

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